Bath Renovation

Bath renovation

Toilet renovation is a favorite home improvement project and also a terrific way to add value to your home. However, it can be quite confusing to try to select a bathroom package or a bathtub for your freshly renovated bathroom. Bathroom suites are usually offered in a wide assortment of styles, shapes and dimensions. So how can you know what’s best for your toilet? How can you know if a cheaper bath is really a compromise on quality?

Bath Renovation

The first step in bath renovation is to choose a theme for the room. Many people select a Victorian theme with a white picket bathroom and a matching vanity unit. Larger tile options such as Granite or marble are also available and can be mixed with other elements to create a stunning design. For instance, a white and black tile vanity with golden trim and floral patterns on the wall provides a striking effect.

Next, homeowners must pick the sort of flooring that they want inside their Bathroom Renovation Essendon. This includes whether to use traditional toilet tiles or contemporary tiles. Many homeowners choose whether to use a lining in their bathroom tub or not. A watertight liner will avoid water damage to the floor and is often the preferred alternative by specialist bathroom renovation companies. A watertight liner can save buyers money by eliminating the need for expensive repairs later on.

Bath Renovation

Another detail that may require some consideration is the design of the restroom. Homeowners might want to change the layout completely by shifting the bathroom and using a pedestal sink. If that is true then there are many different types of bathroom sinks to choose from including single, double, wall mount, and free-standing pedestal sinks. There are also many different types of dressing tables to choose from including vessel sinks, double-wrapped, porcelain, vessel, and glass pedestals. Though installation costs for these units can be considerably greater than for a single toilet, many homeowners prefer them because they give a broader feel and look.

  • Bathrooms that are in need of major renovations frequently experience high turnover. This is particularly true in regards to families that have kids. When deciding upon the proper renovation firm the homeowner must ask questions about the previous remodel work of their organization’s present contractors. Typically a good contractor will record any past issues with their work on their website. These problems will help the homeowner to understand the caliber of the work which is going to be carried out.

Bathroom renovation starts with the choice of new bathroom cabinetry. Many homeowners start their hunt with the selection of new cabinets. When there are many attractive styles and colors available for cupboards the most important thing that a homeowner should consider is the amount of space they have available to put in their new cabinets. New cabinets can be found in a number of sizes but in limited amounts of room. Before selecting a style of the cabinet the homeowner should measure the total area of the tub, vanity, and surrounding region to be sure that new cabinets will fit without being bulky or appearing out of place.

Other items to remember when choosing cabinets include shelves and mirrors. Toilet shelving can help make the bath or toilet room appear more organized. Many people decide to install mirror shelves on their cabinets to bring a sense of depth to the room. A well-chosen mirror may also help to create the illusion of a larger room by producing a clearer image. In the event the toilet cabinet is mounted across the tub or vanity, a mirror is going to be necessary to cover the hole produced by the installation of this shelving unit.


1 other thing to keep in mind while selecting new bathroom remodeling project ideas is the kind of lighting that will be utilized inside the room. Many people decide to use recessed lighting to provide a fresh, uncluttered look to the room. Bathroom fixtures such as toilet lights and vanity lighting can also be chosen to compliment the renovation. By taking good care to choose fittings and fixtures which coordinate with the type of the room as well as with the homeowner’s personal tastes, the renovation is going to end up looking professionally completed.