Start Your Freelance Writing Business With Just ONE Product or Service

If you’re trying to build your business as a freelance writer, you may think that the more services and products you have to offer the better. Yet you can actually build a great business with just one product or service. Here’s how.

Make a list of the kinds of things you really enjoy writing. Maybe you like putting together resumes or you love to write press releases. Perhaps you enjoy writing how-to articles or you love to create reading passages and test questions for the educational markets.

Once you’ve made your list, whittle it down to no more than three items. Next, narrow the list to just one item – the type of writing you are most passionate about.

Let’s say you love to write press releases and you are good at it. You can easily charge between $50 and $150 to write a press release, depending on your expertise and experience. With that in mind, if you wrote just one press release each day and charged just $50 per release, you could earn $250 each week. As you got more experience and gained more confidence and improved your skills in this area, you could increase your income by charging $100 per press release. Eventually you could charge $150 per release. You could easily write just one release in a few hours, so right there you’d be earning more than $100 a day from a single assignment that would only take an hour or so of your time.

If you’re really good at writing resumes, you can easily charge $100 to $1,000 for a professional resume (again, depending on your experience and expertise). It might take you an entire week to put together a professional resume for a high profile executive who has a lot of experience and training, but $1,000 for a week’s work would be well worth your time and effort.

Rather than trying to come up with more and more products and services, today focus on just one great product or service. Once you’ve determined what that service or product will be, plan how you can start promoting this product or service or how you can find assignments for this type of work.

You don’t have to stick with JUST this product or service forever. But, if you narrow your focus like this for a while, you’ll be able to start making more money more quickly. You can simply scan the job boards every day for this type of assignment. You can create your marketing materials and newsletter around this one service. You’ll be narrowing your target market somewhat too, which is good because once you start working for this target market you’ll find out what other products and services they need. Then you can expand your offerings to include one or more of those products or services, too.

Try it!

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